Alicia Jones

Behold the awe-inspiring majesty that is me!


At 26 years old, she stands 5’5" tall and 120lbs with tan skin and dark black hair. Disliking the normal ‘drab’ which is typical of the post-fall world, she goes out of her way to be ‘glamorous’ and the noticeable center of attention.



Born in Sedona, AZ and raised by her grandmother Nora Jones, she had a knack for finding trouble or creating it if there was none to be found. After repeated incidents involving the local law enforcement (and the FBI), she soon found herself standing before a judge and facing nearly fifteen years of federal prison time. Before sentencing, ALicia was approached by a representative of the SRC (Special Research Command) with a deal: join one of the SRC’s special units, or go to prison. The decision was easy.

Only six months into her training, she discovered that she could manipulate the members of the SRC just as easily as anyone else. Willing to use every tool at her disposal to make her life easier (especially her body) she soon found an easy ‘spot’ within the organization. After her nearly year long training, she was informed of her assignment within the SRC: The Cryogenic Restoration Program, which meant she may never see her grandmother again; this has bothered her since.


Awake now, in this new “Twisted Earth” she begins to find others from her unit whom she does not remember; this does not bother her, they were a means to an end then as they are now. A route to get her to her goal: Control

Though alone in this new world, she has found one thing she does care about: a deathclaw, named Reaper. Finding a kindred spirit in the walking death machine, she has begun to consider him family.

After approaching the Bastion guards, she is currently being held within the city and awaiting her punishment for the murder of a squad of Bastion guards.

Alicia Jones

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