The train ambush

After discovering Atlas’ true intent with their fellow cryogenic sleepers, and his intent to drive a train through the Feeding Grounds, the group began to gather supplies and formulate a plan to rescue their companions. While Alicia and Bethany scoured the destroyed city for supplies, Matt remained behind to ready the M578 for combat.

Returning to the fabrication facility, Alicia and Bethany retrieved an arsenal of equipment, including landmines and LAW missile launchers. As EVE monitored Atlas’ train, the group set up their ambush.

They destroyed the tracks ahead of the train, littered the fields around the ambush with landmines, situated Timmy to block the train’s retreat and prevented the helicopter from launching. As the mercenaries began to leave the train car, the group spotted numerous guards from Bastion on board the train. Unaware of the true danger, the mercenaries were torn apart by the mine field as the Bastion guards attacked the M578. Bethany remained high above the combat, taking advantage of her position to pick off targets of opportunity.

As the battle wore on, the mercenaries soon fled, preferring the unknowns of the Feeding Grounds to the certain death which waited them. As the mercenaries began to flee, more women started to leave the train; making a direct line towards Bethany. As she fired, the rounds revealed the metal endoskeleton beneath the women’s skin. Barely managing to fight off the androids, the group caught their first glimpse of Atlas as he ran towards the rear of the train.

Alicia was in close pursuit, nearly catching him as the man ducked into the last train car. She barely had time to react as the train car burst open, revealing Atlas within a massive, walking mech. A barrage of rockets and several large cannon blasts knocked Alicia out of the fight, and Atlas made his way towards Bethany. Desperate, she began firing every LAW she had remaining as Matt rushed to repair his vehicle.

The final shot struck just in time, the massive mech grinding to a halt. Finally regaining consciousness, Alicia tore the mech cockpit open, coming face to face with a bloody, and laughing, Atlas. Wasting no time, she finished off the traitor with several shots to the chest.

Finally with a moment to breath, the group began transporting their charges back to the team 28 bunker. After a long argument with EVE, Alicia convinced the AI to open the cryogenic containers. It was soon evident that the AI’s worries were founded, the newly unfrozen citizens had little in the way of survival skills, their main areas of study were engineering, architecture, weapons and metallurgy. Unsure where else to go, the group used the last of the shuttle fuel and transported the survivors back to Bastion.



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