No good deed goes unpunished . . .

Upon their return to Bastion, Alicia and Matt discovered that the Bastion Council of Elders had initiated a manhunt for their group, with the claim that they had been responsible for murdering a squad of Bastion guards. As they investigated more, Alicia soon found that someone had provided the Elders with video of their attack on Atlas’ train.

A little radiation never hurt anyone . . .

Arriving as the facility’s power was shut off, Matt found himself in a stopped elevator, facing four angry Velociraptors. Acting quickly, he ducked back into the elevator and forced the door shut; unfortunately two were able to crawl through the vents and into the elevator. After a fierce, but brief fight, Matt and N9TT emerged into the darkened facility.

Lights Out
A strange military facility and strange creatures

While recovering from their ordeal with Atlas, and on a return to Bastion, Alicia and Bethany were ambushed by a hastily constructed ambush by raiders. Caught up in the fighting, Lars assisted them in their defense and managed to convince the women to provide him with transportation back to Bastion in exchange. Their rest was short lived though, as one of the Bastion Elders greeted Truck with an urgent request of aid. Their farmer were being attacked by some unknown, lizard of unusual size.

The train ambush

After discovering Atlas’ true intent with their fellow cryogenic sleepers, and his intent to drive a train through the Feeding Grounds, the group began to gather supplies and formulate a plan to rescue their companions. While Alicia and Bethany scoured the destroyed city for supplies, Matt remained behind to ready the M578 for combat.

A Survivor and Betrayal

Mourning he loss of his beloved Armored Truck, Matt decided to spend his hard earned corium drowning his sorrows through the local Bastion bars and clubs. Completely inebriated, and barely standing, he spotted a group of Atlas’ mercenaries dragging a man through town behind a vehicle. As he looked closer, he spotted the patch for the Special Research Command on the man’s jacket. Deciding to sleep off his alcohol before returning, he made his way back to his bar/brothel.

A New Home

Settling into their new home, the group began to explore Bastion, discovering that the city of Purity (home of CrystalTime) is in a state of cold war with Bastion. Despite their offer of help, the Bastion Elders refused the team’s offer repeatedly stating that their help was not needed.

The New World

After narrowly escaping the Chicago Dome (known as The Feeding Grounds) the group began making their way towards Bastion (Milwaukee) with their load of cryogenic capsules. Suffering from age and combat damage, Matt Smite armored truck finally died, resulting in the group abandoning it. Realizing that they could not make it to Bastion before dark, the group took shelter in a pre-war truck stop. Unknown to them, they were not alone.

The Story So far . . .
. . . or at least as close as I can remember

As members of the 53rd Special Research Command (S.R.C.) Team 14 (SGM Frank Calhoun, Alicia Jones, Bethany Calloway, and Matt Smite) the group agreed to enter suspended animation/hibernation for a span of five years, with five years ‘off’ and left to themselves.


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