Vehicle - The Armored Truck

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The Armored Truck


A home away from home


A beaten, well worn armored money transport from before the fall. A rough turret has been cut into the top and the outside shows signs of multiple battles.


It was recovered from a junkyard in the Feeding Grounds by team #4. Responsible for its repairs, Matt Smite turned the rear of the truck into his home. Breaking down as they left the Feeding Grounds, they were forced to abandon the truck on the side of the road.

Several days later Matt Smite found the truck in Bastion, repaired to running condition by a pair of scavengers. Sacrificing a large pile of corium, a truck and several laptops Alicia Jones was able to reacquire the vehicle.

It met its final demise when the party was cornered in an old office building, and a combat walker destroyed it with a gauss cannon . . . and also stepped on the remains.

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Vehicle - The Armored Truck

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