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Special Research Command

The Special Research Command (S.R.C.) is a military research division, focused on creating new weapons, armor and technology. While it has a variety of projects, the Cryo-Restoration Program (C.R.P.) and the Adaptive Intelligence Project (A.I.P.) are its primary focus. Based in Chicago, the S.R.C.prides itself on being on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology, production and ‘innovative ideas’. Though the S.R.C. has been in the media lately over questionable practices, the government has been quick to postpone any official investigations.

Cryo-Restoration Program (C.R.P.)

The Cryo-Restoration Program was an aggressive program with the goal of ensuring the survival of humanity after total armageddon. Though, to the general public, cryogenics were still considered part of science-fiction, the US Government (through the S.R.C.) had made fundamental progress in the field of suspended animation. Through the S.R.C. caches of supplies, equipment and personnel were scattered throughout North America.

Along with supplies, the C.R.P. created teams with a variety of specialties, in various locations around the world and demographic makeups to ensure adaptability. Each team would be put into suspended animation for five years and allowed to ‘live’ for five years.

Known C.R.P. Teams (North America, Region V)
  • Team 4: One of the earliest teams within the C.R.P., its’ members were put into suspended animation in the early part of the 21st century. Due to a glitch within the C.R.P. database, the team was moved out of the rotation, and did not awaken until several centuries later.
    Known Members:
    -SGM Frank Calhoun
    -Bethany Calloway
    -Alicia Jones
    -Matt Smite
  • Team 28: They were the last team to enter suspended animation, on 23 October 2077 as nuclear warheads were arcing their way towards the US and around the world. While the earlier teams were compromised of skilled specialists and soldiers, the later teams included complete families as an incentive to the members to volunteer for dangerous/rigorous assignments.

Known Members:

Watts Family:
-Jeremy Watts
-Melina Watts
-Janie Wats

Clark Family:
-Robert Clark
-Sharon Clark

Granger Family:
-Richard Granger
-Megan Granger
-Lind Granger
-Rose Granger

Adaptive Intelligence Project (A.I.P.)

Originally conceived as a project to develop an ‘adaptive’ computer program for use on the battlefield, bureaucrats became involved and the project ‘evolved’ into something different. The program became the overarching, ‘catch all’ program for anything to to with computers, robotics, cybernetics or medical technology the SRC was involved with.

A closely guarded secret were the programs within the program, only a few knowing the true reaches and scope of the project.

A.I.P. Intelligence’s

  • EVE
    - Based in Chicago, EVE was tasked with managing and protecting the participants of the Cryo-Restoration Program, whom ‘she’ sees as ‘her’ children. More than capable of lying and deceiving to achieve her goals, she truly wants to protect her ‘children’ but has developed emotional ‘quirks’ over the centuries.

Project Genesis

Originally part of Project Pandora, Project Genesis was focused on modifying and/or re-creating previously extinct predatory animals for use with combat operations. Though it met with limited success early in the project, it began to make progress as computing progress advanced. Though Project Genesis created several viable and useful prototype genetic weapons, it was soon eclipsed by the success (and lesser expense) of the robotic and later android combat platforms. The project’s primary facility was put into storage mode shortly before the last war, its inhabitants never returning to continue their work.

Other Projects

Rumors surrounded the Special Research Command, they ranged from deals with aliens to secret bases on the Moon and Mars. Only the upper echelon of the military and government knew the true reaches of its programs and power and even of those, fewer still knew of the existence of each and every secretive/black program.

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