Jeremy Watts

If you can't fix what's broken . . .


Just under six feet tall, Jeremy has a roughly toned body with closely cropped hair and a constant growth of stubble. He normally wears a roughly aged military jacket, worn uniform and military vest.



Growing up in O’Neill, NE Jeremy was the exception to the ‘normal’ in America; he did not grow up within the great domes, but outside of the great cities and dealing with the hazardous weather. His parents (Kyle & Rhonda) had six children, four brothers, one sister and Jeremy; life was harsh outside of the domes, but that lifestyle taught him the basics of machinery and flying their small gyrocopter. Thy were eventually selected to manage one of the newly created agro-domes outside of O’Neill, to provide more food to the dome cities. After taking his high school placement scores, he was drafted by the SRC and taken from his home; it would be the last time he saw O’Neill.

Despite the peacetime environment, the Joints Chiefs had instituted aggressive plans for the SRC which included aggressive training for all of those selected/drafted. He met his future wife Melina during the training, and was lucky enough to get their marriage and procreation license approved before starting their assignments. They had both been assigned to Senator Granger, a man who had an unusual fear and abhorrence to androids; he refused to have them as assistants or pilots. Jeremy passed nearly ten years acting as the Senator’s aid and pilot, during which time they (Jeremy & Melina) were allowed to start a family.

When the Great Communist Union invaded North America, this all changed. Suddenly it was no longer ferrying Granger from political rally to political meeting, it was evading hostile aircraft and dealing with riots within the dome cities. On October 23rd, 2077 while in Houston, TX the final alarms sounded: the enemy had launched nuclear weapons at the United States. Stealing a low-orbit shuttle from the local spaceport, Jeremy was able to escape the Houston dome before the first missiles impacted the once great city. Arriving in the Chicago Dome, they made their way into one of the SRC bunkers reserved for Granger and his team.


Waking nearly four-hundred years later, his first conscious recollection was that someone had breached the bunker and was abducting people from the cryogenic tubes. Though the first few had been asleep, the later occupants began fighting back; it was a slaughter, the unarmed sleepers fell before the raider’s blades and firearms. EVE, realizing what had happened, refused to unlock Jeremy’s cryotube; he was helpless to watch as Atlas mercilessly killed his family and the rest of Team 28. He bears a deep grudge against EVE because of this, preferring to have died with his family than continue to live.

The only survivor of Team 28, his one driving goal is to see Atlas killed . . . preferably by his own hands.

Jeremy Watts

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