Tactical Artificial Intelligence


EVE has no true physical form, existing as an advanced Artificial Intelligence program, located deep in the heart of the Feeding Grounds. She exists across the server farm which the SRC built before the great war/fall as a contingency plan.


EVE is an advanced artificial intelligence based in the ruins of the Chicago. Before The Great War EVE had systems and surveillance equipment throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan dome, now her systems are in a near isolation in the ruins of the Feeding Grounds. Tasked with preserving and protecting the members of the Cryogenic Restoration Project, ‘she’ has silently watched over her ‘Children’ for centuries.

EVE is one of three supercomputers within the Fertile Crescent, and while EVE devotes her life to protecting her ‘children’ ADAM is determined to ‘control’ those he deems unworthy. Her long time in ‘isolation’ has created several quirks within her programming, and has a tendency to become depressed when her ‘children’ are threatened, hurt or killed. While she keeps most of her quirks concealed, she has anger and possessive problems.


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