The Story So far . . .

. . . or at least as close as I can remember

As members of the 53rd Special Research Command (S.R.C.) Team 14 (SGM Frank Calhoun, Alicia Jones, Bethany Calloway, and Matt Smite) the group agreed to enter suspended animation/hibernation for a span of five years, with five years ‘off’ and left to themselves.

Based in Chicago, the group had done this several times, and this was supposed to be a ‘routine’ tour. Upon waking though, they discovered that nearly five-hundred years had passed, the US (and the world) had suffered a ‘Nuclear Armageddon’ and Chicago was filled with strange and unknown creatures.

Under the guidance of SGM Frank Calhoun and EVE (a pre-war ‘supercomputer’) they proceeded to clear the surroundings of their bunker, gain transportation and secure their facility. While securing their facility, the group discovered that the city of Chicago had been infested by a creature known as ‘Ghouls’ (A creature resembling a skinless human) and ‘rogue’ robots.

During their travels through the ruins of Chicago, the group discovered that the Ghouls were harvesting and eating other inhabitants of cryogenic facilities, some even alive while being eaten. Taking it upon themselves to rescue their fellow ‘sleepers’ the group killed the Ghouls harvesting the containers and took them back to their facility.

They also encountered a trader by the name of ‘Atlas’ rescuing the man and discovering that humans still existed, and he was heading for a settlement to the north named ‘Bastion’. Upon returning to their shelter they had discovered another survivor by the name of ‘Randi’ whom they provided shelter.

A ‘pre-war’ gem was discovered within the ruins of Chicago; a facility manned by intact robots and with a massive assembly system in the basement. Stuck in the building during a sandstorm, they filled their bellies and relaxed as much as possible. As they were leaving the facility they were attacked by a massive lizard, standing nearly eight feet tall, with razor sharp claws. During the attack Alicia confronted the creature, successfully calming him and gaining a powerful ally.

Before long their secret hiding place was discovered by a massive group of Ghouls. These ones were different though, using firearms and tactics in an attempt to take over their facility. After a hard fight they were able to drive the Ghouls away, though Randi was dragged out of the facility and lost in the process.

Determining that their facility was no longer secure, Frank directed them to find better transport and evacuate the city. Loading the recovered cryogenic sleepers into an armored trailer they sped away from the city as Frank created a distraction for them to escape. After a harrowing, high speed battle on top of vehicles, they escaped the city.



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