The New World

After narrowly escaping the Chicago Dome (known as The Feeding Grounds) the group began making their way towards Bastion (Milwaukee) with their load of cryogenic capsules. Suffering from age and combat damage, Matt Smite armored truck finally died, resulting in the group abandoning it. Realizing that they could not make it to Bastion before dark, the group took shelter in a pre-war truck stop. Unknown to them, they were not alone.

Spotting something during her watch in the fields surrounding the ruins, Alicia Jones sent Reaper to investigate. Moments later Reaper reappeared, in a full retreat from what he found. While Alicia Jones, Bethany Calloway and Matt Smite argued over how to proceed, a group of large lizard (Deinonychus) attacked them. After a fierce battle, Alicia Jones, was wounded delaying the group’s travels. During her recovery the group scavenged the buildings, Matt Smite finding an SUV while Alicia Jones and Bethany Calloway recovered two eggs from the nearby gas station.

Resuming their journey to Bastion, the group encountered a group of raiders attacking a convoy. With timely intervention, they were able to rescue a local teen by the name of Timothy. Though one of the raiders stole Matt Smite new SUV it was recovered after a short car chase (and only a little damage).

Finally arriving in Bastion, they found a multi-walled city, patrolled by fatigue wearing soldiers built within, and on top of the ruins of Milwaukee. Though skeptical of their Deathclaw companion, the group was eventually allowed within the city. Once inside they were treated like royalty, the Elders of Bastion rejoicing in the presence of the Ancients. The Elders had a banquet and festivities in their honor, rejoicing in the good news and tidings.

Acclimating to the new city, and the new world, Alicia Jones found Atlas and his newly hired convoy hands. Overjoyed at their safe arrival (and his rescue) Atlas provided Alicia Jones with a reward of his personal vehicle (a high powered muscle car) and several thousand Corium Pieces.

Trying to further his knowledge of the new world, Matt Smite found the Temple of the Learned. Though they were accommodating to him, they had very little real information to provide about reviving their cryogenic counterparts or deciphering the mysteries of their newly acquired power armor.



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