A little radiation never hurt anyone . . .

Arriving as the facility’s power was shut off, Matt found himself in a stopped elevator, facing four angry Velociraptors. Acting quickly, he ducked back into the elevator and forced the door shut; unfortunately two were able to crawl through the vents and into the elevator. After a fierce, but brief fight, Matt and N9TT emerged into the darkened facility.

Searching through the security office, Bethany found the facility’s emergency power plan; it involved starting several generators deep within the facility to ‘jump start’ the main power system. Linking up with Matt they began climbing down the darkened elevator shaft . . . while being trailed by a pair of Velociraptors. Arriving safely at the bottom of the shaft, they forced the doors open; following the facility’s signage, they began making their way towards the generator room. Some of the power was still on in this section and the pair managed to discover, and set off, the remaining laser wall traps.

While Matt and Bethany were searching for the facility’s generator(s), Alicia was dealing with a quartet of Velociraptors in front of the glass walled laboratory. Through stubborn persistence, one of the creatures found their way into the lab; though Alicia attempted to console the animal, she was forced to stop the creature with lethal force.

Finally entering the main generator room, Bethany and Matt found the area filled with adult and juvenile Velociraptors nesting in the area. Deciding that discretion was called for, the pair fled from the crowded generator are, though Matt was pounced on by one of the Velociraptors. He was able to free himself by sacrificing his backpack . . . and everything inside of it; while the Velociraptors tore into his MRE’s and candy, he followed Bethany into the maintenance area.

The maintenance area was a claustrophobic area of pipes, cables, grating and hatches; the tunnels twisted left and right, with no discernible labels. Making their way through the tunnels, it was soon apparent that one of the Velociraptors had followed them; an orange tinted juvenile was trailing them. Though it did not attack, it would not approach the pair and kept a watchful eye on them as they followed the tunnels.

Matt soon became unnerved by the confusing twists and turns of the tunnels, unsure which way to go. Pushing through the tunnels, Matt found a pair of large, diesel generators, which he turned on. Though the lights came back on, the nearby computer warned them that the generators were temporary power only, so they began to search for the other priming generators.

Though Alicia had believed she was safe within the laboratory/egg storage, once the power came back on, one of the probing Velociraptors managed to enter the laboratory. Managing to calm the creature, it lead her though the ventilation system where Alicia eventually met up with Bethany and Matt, as the pair were making their way back to the generator room.

This time, with Alicia, they were able to navigate their way through the creatures, though Bethany was assaulted for any/all of here food on the way. Finding another set of backup generators, Matt discovered that the fuel reserves had been emptied and the only power source were a pair of experimental fusion reactors. Donning a protective suit, he entered the reactor and began attempting to activate the unknown pieces of equipment. After a terrifying startup sequence, (which caused the Velociraptors to flee) they soon had power back within the facility.

With power restored, they began to explore the facility once more, discovering that it had housed a genetic weapons project, closed before the great war/fall occurred and that it had recently been brought back online. More investigating revealed a variety of dinosaurs within and a dwindling food supply. Deciding to keep the facility running, Alicia and Matt headed into Bastion to negotiate for supplies.



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