Lights Out

A strange military facility and strange creatures

While recovering from their ordeal with Atlas, and on a return to Bastion, Alicia and Bethany were ambushed by a hastily constructed ambush by raiders. Caught up in the fighting, Lars assisted them in their defense and managed to convince the women to provide him with transportation back to Bastion in exchange. Their rest was short lived though, as one of the Bastion Elders greeted Truck with an urgent request of aid. Their farmer were being attacked by some unknown, lizard of unusual size.

Arriving at one of the decimated farms, Lars found a set of tracks leading away from the farm, and through the fields. Following the strange tracks, eventually led them to an enclosed military compound, apparently built by the Ancients. There were more lizards roaming the grounds, and a failed attempt by Alicia to calm the animals, sent the survivors scurrying back into the unknown facility.

Making their way through the facility, they soon discovered that its previous inhabitants had left behind an array of traps; ranging from rigged shotguns to futuristic motion activated laser walls. During their exploration, Lars discovered an advanced laboratory, which contained row after row of sorted and labeled eggs. This immediately held Alicia’s attention while Bethany and Lars continued to search the facility.

After encountering one too many traps, Bethany decided to search for a map of the facility. Backtracking their progress, she stopped at the security room and its included surveillance cameras. Noticing that an alarm had been triggered, Bethany disabled the notification. There was a brief moment where the screens flashed “Insufficient Power” before everyone was plunged into darkness, amid the sound of large doors opening across the facility.



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