No good deed goes unpunished . . .

Upon their return to Bastion, Alicia and Matt discovered that the Bastion Council of Elders had initiated a manhunt for their group, with the claim that they had been responsible for murdering a squad of Bastion guards. As they investigated more, Alicia soon found that someone had provided the Elders with video of their attack on Atlas’ train.

Investigating his hotel/brothel, Matt found the building deserted, the assets having been seized by Bastion to compensate for the deaths of the guards; their vehicles held by the Bastion guards and his employees placed elsewhere.

As they continued to investigate their newly found fugitive status, they discovered that cold relations between Bastion and Purity had turned to outright warm hostilities when the death of Purity’s envoy was discovered to have been presumably carried out by Bastion representatives. Deciding they had heard enough, the pair returned to the facility to come up with a plan.

Staying at the facility, Matt remained behind while Alicia and Bethany returned to Bastion. Continuing to dig for information, Alicia was refused time after time when she attempted to speak with the Elders, the leaders of the city having not time for her. Her disguise working too well, she decided to remove it and approach the Bastion guards; she was immediately arrested and detained while Bethany escaped the city, though not without meeting Titan first.



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