A Survivor and Betrayal

Mourning he loss of his beloved Armored Truck, Matt decided to spend his hard earned corium drowning his sorrows through the local Bastion bars and clubs. Completely inebriated, and barely standing, he spotted a group of Atlas’ mercenaries dragging a man through town behind a vehicle. As he looked closer, he spotted the patch for the Special Research Command on the man’s jacket. Deciding to sleep off his alcohol before returning, he made his way back to his bar/brothel.

The next day, he informed Alicia and Bethany of his possible discovery. Making their way to Atlas’ camp, Alicia managed to convince Atlas to allow them to speak to the man, but not to release him. Though chained and muzzled within a cage, the man was able to convey to them a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.

Following the coordinates, led them to another Cryo-Restoration Program bunker, that of Team 28. Greeted by EVE upon entry, they began investigating the new bunker. Through questioning EVE they were presented with surveillance video, showing Atlas gaining forced entry into the bunker nearly five years ago. In the process of attempting to capture the team members, killing all of those within the cryogenic sleep chambers instead. Through questioning EVE, they discovered that Atlas had been ‘farming’ cryogenic sleepers from the Feeding Grounds for years.

While questioning EVE, Jeremy arrived in the bunker, informing them that Atlas had taken their recovered cryogenic sleepers and left Bastion on a train. With this new information the group began preparing and planning to attack the traitor and save their companions.



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