A New Home


Settling into their new home, the group began to explore Bastion, discovering that the city of Purity (home of CrystalTime) is in a state of cold war with Bastion. Despite their offer of help, the Bastion Elders refused the team’s offer repeatedly stating that their help was not needed.

While exploring the town, Alicia Jones found the trader camp of Atlas. Overjoyed at their survival Atlas (and after some ‘sweet talking’ from Alicia) he offered them one of his prized possessions, a classic muscle car outfitted for the wastes, The Hotrod. Remaining behind, in a garage loaned to them by the Bastion Elders, Matt Smite began upgrading The Armored Truck and The Semi Truck.

- – - – - -

While resting in Bastion, Bethany was approached by a small, bedraggled and poor man. He was seeking the help of the “Ancient Heroes” to rescue his villagers. After pleading desperately with Bethany he eventually persuaded the sniper to help him. Gathering Alicia and Matt they set off.

Upon arrival they found groups of armed men, in Armored Personnel Carriers, herding groups of people into vehicles and trailers. Sneaking closer, they found that the prisoners were being questioned; some were put onto the trailers others were executed on the spot. Setting up their ambush, they crept closer as Bethany moved into position.

Bethany’s first shot struck a gunner, tearing his skin away and revealing the metal exoskeleton hidden beneath. Aware of their attackers, the raiders/robots began executing the villagers. With a renew purpose, Bethany and Matt began attacking the robots while Alicia frantically tried to rescue the children.

Winning in the end, many of the villagers had been killed, though not all. Grateful for their assistance, but sad at their loss, the villagers took what they had left and made their way home.

- – - – - -

Barely with enough time to rest, one of the Bastion Elders came to the group with a frantic message. Someone had stolen the ‘water chip’ from Bastion’s newly repaired water processing plant; without it, they would be unable to process clean water. Persuading the group to help them with a promise of continued food and housing, they began tracking the thief.

Following the tracks past the Feeding Grounds, they event eventually found a small camp parked beside the ruined highway 94. Alicia approached their leader, requesting to search their camp for the stolen technology, but failed to convince the gruff leader and the encounter devolved into violence. Though the group had the thieves outgunned, two managed to escape, but the ‘water chip’ was recovered and returned to Bastion.

- – - – - -

After a raucous party with Atlas and his newly hired mercenaries, the trader approached the team with a proposition of work: retrieve information from a pre-war mainframe and he would pay them. Following Atlas’ instructions, they found a relatively intact research facility . . . which had the remains of several APC’s and tanks outside. As they investigated the facility, more bodies were discovered inside, leading to a still operational mainframe.

As Timothy began yelling from the armored truck outside, intact pre-war combat walkers began approaching from all sides. Retreating inside, the robots began at the walls, tearing away the fragile bricks. Retrieving the fallen heavy weapons from the previous scavengers, the group began fighting back. As Matt began deactiviting them through the mainframe, Alicia annd Bethany held them at bay. One combat walker, making it past their perimeter, fired into Vehicle – The Armored Truck destroying it and launching Timothy onto another vehicle.

Taking control of the APC, Timothy began driving through the building, only stopping once he had driven over the mainframe and found Matt. Barely surviving the encounter, Matt retrieved the information for Atlas ensuring he kept a copy for himself.

It’s contents were unknown blueprints of bipedal robots and extinct species though much of it was heavily encrypted and hidden.



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